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Grace + Ivory supports women getting married on their own terms.... And then just supports women.



was a nail-biter.

From the limited selection of nearby boutiques’ inventory for try-on, to gowns that cost three months‘ rent, to the sales associates hoping I’d make a champagne-hazed dress decision that would linger in family photo albums for generations to come within 25 minutes of trying it on, to the idea that my dress would take 7-12 MONTHS to arrive and I should still pad in tons of time (and money!) for some serious alterations. It was a flurry of blush colored chaos and I felt overwhelmed and discouraged, As I started talking to my girlfriends and coworkers about it, it turned out they felt the same.”


We wanted to see more diversity, more emphasis on a social agenda, more bang for our buck, more choice and freedom.

All due respect to cherished wedding traditions, but shouldn’t bridal shopping get an update to better serve and reflect today’s, hardworking, kickass, independent women? And so, Grace + Ivory was born. Grace + Ivory was founded to pave a path towards better bridal shopping that was more in step with what modern brides want: choice, independence, personalization, and quality.



Badass women don’t need manufactured moments to feel something special.

Try on at your own pace, your own way. Feel confident in your decisions because we’ve made really freaking great dresses with you in mind. We’ve worked with expert designers and skilled seamstresses to create dresses you want, cutting out a retail middleman to bring you uncompromised designer craftsmanship at prices you love, in time frames that work for you, custom made to your very measurements, and your particular desires, arriving at your doors when you want to try it on, with or without the audience, nonsense-free.


Your wedding gown will make a difference.
But not just in your life.

Grace + Ivory donates 10% of proceeds from each dress sold directly to causes that champion women's safety, security, and personal and professional development. This current promotion will last until July 27, 2021.

Plan International USA’s The Whole Girl Fund

We're currently supporting The Whole Girl Fund which has programs around the world focusing on girls’ health, education, empowerment, & community involvement. Grace + Ivory supports Plan’s belief that gender equality is central to achieving long-term change.

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